American Whovians, Double Check Your DVRs!

As every Whovian in America knows, the latest new episode of DOCTOR WHO (“The Almost People”) did not air here in the states over the Memorial Day weekend because BBC America thought the show’s ratings would be hurt by the holiday. To add insult to injury, upon searching through my scheduled DVR recordings on AT&T U-Verse, I noticed DOCTOR WHO was not scheduled to record this Saturday. Now I imagine many people have viewed “The Almost People” online through slightly less than legal means, but I think those that haven’t would be incredibly peeved, after waiting an extra week for this new episode, if it did not record.

Don't miss out on The Doctor and Amy's next adventure

I’ve had this problem with U-Verse before when trying to record first-run episodes of a show on BBC America. Often, U-Verse will list the British air-date as the original air-date of BBC America programs and, as a result, I missed more than one airing of LAW & ORDER: UK.  Currently the original air-date of “The Almost People” is listed as 5-28-11 (the date it aired in the UK) and so if you have your U-Verse DVR set to record only “first-run” episodes of DOCTOR WHO, the show will not record this Saturday!

I don’t know if this phenomenon carries over to any other cable or satellite providers’ DVR systems, but please spread the word. No Whovian should be further punished just for living in America.



  1. Thank you for this message. It’s Sunday now and we can’t figure out why Dr Who didn’t record on our Time Warner DVR. And this explains it.


    Thanks again.

    -The Le

  2. I’m sorry you didn’t find this before the episode aired. The episode’s not that difficult to find on the internet if you can’t wait another week for the re-airing.

    I think the cable companies must have gotten some complaints because it looks like they fixed the problem for the mid-season finale next week (at least on AT&T U-Verse).

  3. My Directv DVR did not record the last two aired episodes. It was set to record first run episodes due to the fact that the BBCA had been running a billion reruns of Dr. Who. I had been busy and forgot to check the actual schedule for those couple of weeks and was relying of the DVR to record them. I will switch it to record everything for the next part of the season.

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