Brea Grant for Deena Pilgrim

Cable network FX announced this week that the pilot for the long in-development POWERS television series (based on the comic book by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming) had been greenlit. In the past year, as it started to look more likely that the POWERS TV series might actually happen, my mind quickly went to fantasy casting. My pick for the female lead, Deena Pilgrim, was immediately Brea Grant (and I’m pretty sure I even sent multiple messages to her on Twitter stating how perfect she would be for the role). Now I could make a long-winded argument about why Brea’s perfect for the part or I could just show this graphic I quickly whipped up:

So, ummm, they look a little bit alike, right? And while I suppose looking like the character alone isn’t enough to justified casting someone, the physical similarity is still pretty striking. If you’re not familiar with Brea’s work, borrow/rent a copy of Season 2 of Friday Night Lights and/or Season 3 of Heroes on DVD. You’ll see she’s got the acting chops to handle the role of Deena Pilgrim. World, please make this happen.

UPDATE: Apparently, there was a little bit of confusion on Twitter about whether I drew the picture of Deena. I did not draw that picture, that’s directly from the comic book (drawn by Michael Avon Oeming). I can understand the confusion, given I do often post my own artwork on this blog. When I said I “quickly whipped up” the graphic, I just meant I put the pictures together in Photoshop and added some text. I would never qualify penciling, inking and coloring an image as something “quickly whipped up”.


  1. Brea Grant For Deena Pilgrim…

    […]Now I could make a long-winded argument about why Brea's perfect for the part or I could just show[…]…

  2. I started a petition for Brea.

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